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Making it as an Internet Entrepreneur

September 3, 2015|By Financial Saviour

It always was a huge wide world out there, beyond our offices, homes, towns and cities, and that was made significantly larger, and still increasing every day, thanks to the Internet and the World Wide Web.

For so many of us, the Internet provides a heavy source of knowledge, news, entertainment, shopping, communicating with family and friends, and money; the…

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Finance Act changes for Entrepreneurs’ Relief

August 18, 2015|By Financial Saviour

Just when we thought the ins and outs of Entrepreneurs’ Relief and its qualifying conditions couldn’t spiral into any further technicalities, changes have been introduced in the Finance Act 2015.

All legislation concerning taxes and reliefs are included within the Finance Act, which is released at least once a year to coincide with any updates outlining the main tax rates…

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What does the Emergency Budget mean for Entrepreneurs’ Relief?

July 3, 2015|By Financial Saviour

In less than a week’s time, Chancellor George Osborne will be appearing again outside No. 11 Downing Street holding aloft the famous red Budget box, just as he did in the summer of 2010, to deliver an emergency Budget.

It comes just under four months since he stood in the exact same spot to reveal the Budget for 2015 and,…

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Ways Entrepreneurs’ Relief can catch you out

June 7, 2015|By Financial Saviour

So you’re a business owner looking to sell assets; you own at least 5% of the shares of a trading organisation or have lent the proposed disposable assets to the business or a personal company – all good for Entrepreneurs’ Relief? Not quite, and it’s worth finding out why.

There are some very particular details involved when applying for Entrepreneurs’…

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