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9 Tools Every Entrepreneur Should Have

May 17, 2016 | Financial Saviour

Being an entrepreneur is not an easy task, it takes skill, hard work, dedication, persistence and the right tools!

In this age of fast moving modern technology you can get left behind pretty quickly if you don’t keep up. With the right tools added to your arsenal, you can get a head of the opposition and better your working practices. It doesn’t require a lot of money and it doesn’t require an einsteine IQ to use them either, but we’ve put together our 9 tools no entrepreneur should be without.


1. Smart Phone


That’s right, they’re not just for playing games and taking monochrome pictures of your food any more. The now simple smart phone is an entrepreneurs dream tool, how else can you respond to an email, work on a pitch, research your market, update your LinkedIn account and organise a meeting while on your morning commute. Used in the professional setting the smart phone really is one of the revolutionary tools for the modern age entrepreneur, so upgrade from your old Nokia 3310 and as the app developers would say, feel the power at your finger tips.


2. iCloud/Google Docs

two young businesswomen working on their laptops

USB’s are out, the clouds are in. Never again be caught short, never again turn up to a meeting having forgotten a vital document, enjoy the freedom to save what your work and carry it on again on another computer without the need for external hard drives or USB pen drives. The beauty of storing your files on a cloud system or google docs, is it’s convenience. You can save a piece of work at home, upload it to the cloud, pick it back up and work and continue working without any hick-ups. Working on a group project? No problem, you can share the documents privately or publicly with whoever you chose. If you own a tablet, you can take your documents into meetings with ease.


3. Mailchimp (or other email marketing software)


Starting your own database of subscribers and utilising them is the next stepping stone for any business, so why not make it easy for yourself? With todays modern email marketing campagin software, gone are the days of coding individual emails, why not let the machine do it for you? Software like MailChimp, ManageYourMessage or Campaign Manager take care of all the complicated coding stuff to leave you time to focus on the message, because after all isn’t that the most important part? For a small fee you can, collect and build your database, create stylish email campaigns with ease and market your business all by dragging, dropping and clicking. It’s time to start your email campaign.


4. Spotify


Even an entrepreneur needs inspiration, step into the light and sign up for Spotify today! Spotify in case you didn’t know, is an online music system that has hundreds of thousands of artists stored within it. It allows you to create your own playlists, follow artists and with a premium account listen to them even when your offline! So the next time your struggling for inspiration or looking for a bit of me time while commuting home, stick on some of your favourite tunes, sit back and let your mind juices flow…or use it to block out your fellow commuters.


5. Laptop

Businesswoman Using Laptop In Coffee Shop

It may be an obvious one but you’d be surprised how many entrepreneurs out there cannot work on the road. If there is one thing every entrepreneur knows its that days off are few and far in between, so make life a little easier for yourself and ensure you can work on the project no matter where your work may take you. Commuting on a train? no problem, on a long haul flight? no problem? back seat of the car? no problem, with your laptop and your smart phone handy, you can connect to the internet and be working away in seconds. Make sure you get a laptop that can handle the load of work your going to be doing, there are a lot of deals out there for computers these days, but its important to get the one thats right for you and your business.


6. Business Cards


The timeless classic, nothing says professional like a business card. Networking is so important to every industry, as the saying goes, its not what you know, but who you know! While your out and about you have no idea who your going to meet and what they might be able to offer and what you might be able to offer them. So cut out the jibber jabber or searching for a pen to write down your details and hand them a smooth shiny (or matte) business card. There are plenty of options out there for cheap affordable business cards to get you started after all its the contact information thats key, but it’s also a good idea to get your company brand across too.


7. Evernote


A producers dream, Evernote is a computer and smart phone application that syncs all your ideas, notes, work, contacts, calendars..(the list goes on) together. You can have everything in not just one place but all your places, load it up on your phone, your laptop, your computer or even a public computer over the internet, just make sure to log out afterwards! Evernote syncs all of your applications at once, so when you edit one you edit them all. It even has push notifications and becomes your personal assistant, it will remind you before your next meeting and even load up all the correct documents with it. It goes without saying that if you run a tight ship, you’ll want Evernote as your first mate.


8. Buzzsumo


The digital marketers best friend, Buzzsumo is a high grade piece of professional software that allows you to keep on top of everything content driven. It opens a portal into the internet world where you can scan for related content and run analysis to see how well it has performed so far. You can search for the latest trends and keep on top of the newest industry contacts, it’s clear to see that if you work in digital marketing you need Buzzsumo in your life.


9. Canva


The final one on our list, because everyone appreciates good design. If you need to create some quick, cost effective and easy point of sale, or poster materials (and who doesn’t)  then canva is the website for you. Its a free to use website with some paid elements if you choose them, where you can create stunning design visuals in just a few clicks. Cut out the design time, cut out the cost and bring back the D.I.Y ethos that made so many companies who they are today. It doesn’t stop there Canva offers a range of templates so the dimensions are always right. If you want to create a Facebook cover photo, canva has got you covered, an A4 spread? Canva has got you covered, templates optimised for perfect web upload? Thats right Canva has got you covered. It has a great range of tools, some of which are very similar to Photoshop, which allow you take complete control over your visuals and get the look you desire.


If your an Entrepreneur and your not already adding these to your list of things to go and get right now, then maybe you should read back through and think about the schedule you’ve got coming up. To make the most out of your business you’ve got to be ahead, be fast and be smart, the three things technology excels at.



Having a clear picture of the financial landscape and a path forward planned out is vital, and understanding how the budget affects you and your interests is key to seeing success in 2016 and beyond. To find out if you could benefit from small business rates relief, entrepreneurs’ relief, or for advice on any other financial matter, contact Financial Saviour today at for safe, secure, confidential help.

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